The staff at Out of Hand  


Deirdre (pronounced "DEAR-druh" -- she loves it when you get it right!) is the creative and administrative force behind Out of Hand. Born in Victoria, she has lived in Calgary since the 70s and has made needle arts her life for the last 25 years. Her commitment to excellence in technique, tools and fabric has made Out of Hand a mecca for serious stitchers local and world-wide. The breadth and depth of her knowledge and experience uniquely qualify her to be our principal instructor.


Patti loves gardening and has been honoured for her work in her back garden.


Kirk was born in Timmins, Ontario, moved to the Hamilton area in the 50s. Although it took a while, his driver's license now says Alberta, where he plies his skills as woodman, webmeister and cheerleader.

His passions are cartography, motorsport and exploring new worlds.


Our senior apprentice; long on enthusiasm, his organizational skills need a little honing (he forgets to put things away).

PS, it's pronounced "rawzh" -- he loves it when you get it right!


No longer with us, but still fondly remembered.


Left us for that great sewing room in the sky in May of 2000, but an ongoing inspiration to us all.

Who knows what she'd have accomplished had she an opposable thumb?

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