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1. Online ordering comes to Out of Hand
2. Ordering from outside Canada
3. Is my credit information safe?
4. Show me how to be sure a site is secure.
5. Order by phone (Canada & US tollfree number).
6. Call collect from the rest of the world.
7. Local (Calgary area) phone orders
8. Fax your order to us.
9. Email your order to Out of Hand.
10. Place your order using regular mail.
11. Our flat-rate shipping policy

We are now capable of providing you with online ordering. We are in the process of converting all of our previous pages and adding many, many new pages to our online catalog.

Order online

To order your doll-making, bear-making and needle craft supplies online just select each item that strikes your fancy and click on the little shopping basket near the bottom of the item description. You will be taken to your "basket" page where you can change the quantity of any item in your basket (or remove any item).

Ordering from outside Canada?

On the basket page, you can select a different currency instead of Canadian dollars and your order will be shown in both Canadian dollars and in your selected alternative currency. Please note that the currrent exchange rates used to calculate your order may not be exactly the same as those used by your credit card provider, but should be quite close.

Is my credit information safe?

For your ease of use and peace of mind, we have equipped our website with a secure server. Secure server encryption keeps your credit card information a private matter between buyer and seller and keeps the bad guys out of the equation.

Don't tell me it's safe, SHOW me!

When you are within the "secure" pages, you will see that the URL in the "Address" window (for Internet Explorer users) or the "Location" window (Netscape users) changes from http//: to https//:

The other indicator of a true secure site is the padlock that appears on the status bar (bottom of the browser window). The lock will appear closed when the page is secure.

This may also appear as a broken key (insecure) or an intact key (secure) on some older browsers.

If you are providing credit card info to a site which claims to be secure, it should show the above evidence of security.

Call our toll-free line

If you are of a more traditional bent, you can still call our toll-free number 1-888-263-3353 with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express number, tell our helpful staff what you need and we'll have your order on its way to you the next day.

Call collect from overseas

If you are outside Canada or the continental US, call us collect at 403-217-4871.

Place an order from the local Calgary area.

If you are in the local Calgary calling area, simply dial 217-4871.

Fax your order to us.

If you prefer, you may fax your order to us at 403-249-1778.

Email your order to us.

If you wish, you may email us at dei@nucleus.com with your order, but now that our secure server is established, it is much safer to use our online shopping basket. However, if you wish to email us, perhaps it would be wiser to phone us with your credit card number.

Send us your order by mail

Lastly, you can mail your order to us at:

			Out Of Hand
			#12 - 6449 Crowchild Trail SW
			Calgary, Alberta
			CANADA                 T3E 5R7    

Our shipping policy

Unless otherwise requested, all shipments are sent parcel post and a flat rate of $11.50 CDN will apply, no matter how large your shipment is.

Our thanks for making Out Of Hand your complete needle arts supplier.

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