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Mixed Media Explorations
 With a sense of creative abandon, renowned mixed-media artist Beryl Taylor shows you how surprisingly easy and fun it can be to turn fabric, paper, stitch, and embellishment into unique pieces of artwork. Using her own art as examples, Beryl gives step-by-step instructions for making projects like mixed-media artist trading cards, fiber postcards, wall hangings, and books, using the latest mixed-media products and techniques, all the while encouraging readers to follow their own instincts and experiment.

In "Creative Explorations" you'll learn how to:

  • Apply basic design principles like layering, highlighting motifs, and creating grids to give your art depth and meaning
  • Use five simple embroidery stitches in creative ways to add interest and texture
  • Turn favorite papers into fabrics that can then be stitched or quilted
  • "Age" your art by etching, burning, and tearing
  • Create richness with metallic threads, paint, rubber stamps, and stencils
  • "Embed" fibers and found objects
  • Use everyday items like brown grocery bags, wallpaper scraps, and bleach to create texture
  • Stitch through metal

Most of all, you'll be inspired to follow your heart and explore your own creative talents.

Mixed Media Explorations......$36.95 each

cloth • paper • scissors #5
fifth issue Mixed media encore!

cloth • paper • scissors #5......$10.99 each

cloth • paper • scissors #4
fourth issue Mixed media encore!

Articles include:

  • Silk Anew
  • Layered Mixed-media Collage
  • Artist Profile: Sue Dove
  • Transfer Master Class, Part II:
    Adding Color
  • “Femail” Art
  • Women of Influence:
    Jean Ray Laury and Julianna Mahley
  • Text-niques: Two ways
    to add text to your art
  • Art Challenge: Hardware Cloth
  • Kitchen Wisdom:
    A recipe for saving memories
  • Who Are You, Really?
    Sample altered photos of our readers
  • Buttons, Baubles, Barkcloth & Beads–
    Our editors’ Vintage and Textile Show
  • Reader Challenge:
    Vintage Textile Flea Market Challenge
  • Results from our Reader
    Brag Book Challenge
cloth • paper • scissors #4......$10.99 each

cloth • paper • scissors #3
second issue Mixed media to the max!

Articles include:

  • An Affair to Remember:
    Art Invitation Party CINDY O’LEARY
  • Art Invitation Challenge
  • Fusion-dyed Collage TRACI BAUTISTA
  • Igniting Sparks ALLISON STRINE
  • Wild Wire Weaving
  • Women of Influence: Lesley Riley and Susan “Lucky” Shie CATE COULACOS PRATO
  • Time Travel LINDA BLINN
  • Capturing Nature in Paper ELLI WOODSFORD
  • Submerged in Beeswax: A New Way to Collage VIRGINIA SPIEGEL
  • Artist Profile: Frances Pickering CATE COULACOS PRATO
  • Transfers: Master Class LESLEY RILEY
  • Embellishing Your Felted Pieces SARAH LAWRENCE
  • Washers, Washers, Everywhere CLAUDINE HELLMUTH
  • Painted Textures
cloth • paper • scissors #3......$10.99 each

cloth • paper • scissors #2
second issue Mixed media to the max!

Articles include:

  • What’s Your Favorite Art Tool?
  • Extreme Experiment DALE ROLLERSON
  • RMixed-media Watercolor Techniques JACQUELINE SULLIVAN
  • Book of Treasures NINA BAGLEY
  • Paper Pleasures MAGGIE GREY
  • If These Walls Could Talk LYNN WHIPPLE
  • Adventures in Feltmaking
    for Embroidery SARAH LAWRENCE
  • Auto Shop Art Challenge CLAUDINE HELLMUTH
  • Artist Profile: The Oiseaux Sisters CATE COULACOS PRATO
  • The Workshop: An Adventure in Color for Altered Books BERNIE BERLIN
  • More Women of Influence CATE COULACOS PRATO
  • Traveling Back in Time: Making Faux Tin-type Photos TRACY ROOS
  • I Made This! “Orientalia” Fabric Book DARLENE PASTULA SALUPO
  • Pixel Perfect: Fun With Digital Collage MARIE OTERO
  • Idea to Image LAURA CATER-WOODS
  • I Am Artist, Hear Me Roar! PATTI MOSCA
  • The Brag Book Challenge: “It’s All
    About Me”
  • Pushing the Envelope: cinderellas
cloth • paper • scissors #2......$10.99 each

cloth • paper • scissors
première issue For those of you who love to play in many mediums...this is the magazine for you! This marvelous new magazine is published by the same company that publishes Quilting Arts magazine and continues to be the same wonderful quality. Features included in the première issue of this exciting new magazine include:

  • Where Do You Find the Time?
  • Photo Refinish: The Art of Altering Photographs KAREN MICHEL
  • Reader Challenge: Who Are You Really?
  • Making Fabric from Paper BERYL TAYLOR
  • Artist Profile: Sylvia Luna
  • Faux Tiles SYLVIA LUNA
  • A Window to the Soul LESLEY RILEY
  • Picture This: Collage as
    Pre-creation and Inspiration JENNY CRUSIE
  • Lutradur: The Miracle Material VIRGINIA SPIEGEL
  • The Workshop: Coloring Agents PATRICIA BOLTON
  • Women of Influence CATE COULACOS PRATO
  • Pushing the Envelope ROSINA LIPPI
  • Beyond Words: Keeping
    a Mixed-media Travel Journal DALE ROLLERSON
  • Dollar Store Art Challenge CLAUDINE HELLMUTH
  • What’s Your Copyright IQ? CATE COULACOS PRATO
  • Girlfriends: An Altered Book Cover PATTI MEDARIS CULEA
  • Some of Our Favorites: Books our staff can’t live without
cloth • paper • scissors......$10.99 each

Raising the Surface with Machine Embroidery
published in August 2004 Raising the Surface is a book for everyone who is fascinated by texture in embroidery. Starting with making backgrounds, the book guides you through low-relief stitching. It continues through the application of various media to raise the surface, culminating with three-dimensional items, such as vessels, bags and masks.

Authour: Maggie Grey
Raising the Surface with Machine Embroidery......$37.50 each

Edges & Finishes in Machine Embroidery
published in August 2004 Every piece of embroidery has edges and needs finishing and it should be an integral part of the design of an embroidered textile. However, all too often embroiderers fail to make the most of these elements. This book gives a library of possibilities which can be used creatively, developed further and made more individual by the reader.

Authour: Valerie Campbell-Harding
Edges & Finishes in Machine Embroidery......$37.50 each

The Crazy Quilt Handbook
published in 2001 Create your own heirloom crazy quilts with help from world-famous expert Judith Baker Montano! This classic guide has been updated in full colour. New projects, new photography, and up-to-the-minute techniques make the process more user-friendly than ever. Includes 7 new designs for a total of 12 beatiful projects to get you started -- including wallhangings, jewelry and an evening bag.

by Judith Baker Montano

80 full-colour pages
The Crazy Quilt Handbook......$32.00 each

Quilting Arts number 20
warning -- may prove addictive Order your copy now!

Quilting Arts number 20......$10.99 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 16
warning -- may prove addictive Articles include:

  • Demystifying Leaves
    Leslie Levison

  • Off-site Embroidery
    Susie Williams
  • Hand Lettering on Fabric
    Lisa Engelbrecht
  • Fantastic Fusing: An Artist’s Approach
    Anna Van Demark
  • Artist Profile: Hollis Chatelain
    Cate Coulacos Prato
  • SAQA
    Cate Coulacos Prato
  • For the Love of Ginger
    Ricki Golick-Moffat
  • OPUS: Online Distance Learning
    Patricia Bolton
  • Results of Our Artist Trading Card
    Reader Challenge
  • From Commercial Venture to Artistic
    Adventure: Finding a Way to the ATC
    Deborah Abramovitz
  • A Happy Accident: Transferring
    Images with Lumiere Paints
    Patricia Bolton
  • Funky Fiber Dolls
    Andrea Stern
    Guardian Angel Art Doll
    Reader Challenge

as well as all the regular departments found in each issue.

Order your copy now!

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 16......$10.99 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 15
warning -- may prove addictive Articles include:

    2006 Calendar Challenge

  • Demystifying Tufting
    Leslie Levison
  • Solid Gold: Working With Oil Sticks
    Karen Williams
  • Cups of Kindness: Art Bras
  • The Need to Bead: Beaded Collage
    Deana Hartman
  • A Dyeing Art
    Cate Coulacos Prato
  • Judges’ Choice 2005
  • Artist Profile: Linda Colsh
    Cate Coulacos Prato
  • Quilt University
    Patricia Bolton
  • More Fabric-Altered Books
  • Terrific Texture with
    Water Soluble Stabilizers
    Wendy Butler Berns
  • Acrylic Texture Gels
    Ruth Issett
  • Art Quilting Made Easy
    Lesley Riley
  • Expand Your Horizons:
    Landscape Techniques
    Joyce R. Becker

    Reader Challenge: What Have
    You and Angelina Been Up To?

as well as all the regular departments found in each issue.

Order your copy now!

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 15......$10.99 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 14
warning -- may prove addictive Articles include:

  • Demystifying the Beaded Satin Stitch -- Leslie Levison

  • Releasing the Creative Block -- Melody Johnson

  • Fine Focus 2004

  • Ethereal Angelina -- Margaret Phillips

  • Booking It -- Elinor Peace Bailey

  • Artist Profile: Mary Fisher

  • Extreme Embellishment Part Two -- Andrea Stern

  • Results of Our “Fabric-Altered Books”

  • Women of Influence -- Cate Coulacos Prato
  • Dare to Resist! Batik Made Easy -- Mary Jo Scandin

  • Playways on the Net -- Patricia Bolton

  • Postcards with an Edge -- Cate Coulacos Prato

as well as all the regular departments found in each issue.

Order your copy now!

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 14......$10.99 each

Quilting Arts v1 n1 reprinted!
premier issue reprinted Finally! For all of you that found about this quality publication only after the premier issue had sold out, we now have reprints of issue #1.

Don't miss out a second time -- order your copy now!

Quilting Arts v1 n1 reprinted!......$10.00 each

Beautiful Beading
another winner from Judith & Kathryn 'Beautiful Beading' emphasises the growing trend to use beads for embellishment on silk prints. The beads can be combined with silk ribbon and thread to add a whole new dimension to your projects. The use of flower and leaf beads is an exciting addition to our range of products.

The book includes a range of project ideas including framed pieces, cushions, evening bags, a dressing table mirror, wall hangings, wreaths, exquisite dolls and many others.
Beautiful Beading......$16.95 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 13
warning -- may prove addictive The Thirteenth issue of this inspiring magazine. Articles include:

  • Demystifying the Spider Web Rose
    and the Ribbed Spider Web
  • Let Me Entertain You,Let Me Make You Smile
  • Getting Into Hot Water: Using Hot-water
    Soluble Fabric in Machine Embroidery
  • Give Her Air: A Unique Technique for a Reversible Vest
  • Dreaming the Garden
  • Queens for a Day
  • >
  • Art-to-Go Containers
  • Wearable Art from Australia
  • Get It in Writing
  • Results of Our “Wearable Art with a Twist” Challenge
  • Artists’ Gallery
  • Extreme Embellishment
  • Art Quilting 101
  • I’ll Trade Ya!
    Artist Trading Cards
  • Bitten by the Embellishment Bug

as well as all the regular departments found in each issue.

Order your copy now!

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 13......$10.00 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 12
warning -- may prove habit-forming The twelfth issue of this delightful magazine. Articles include:

  • Demystifying Beaded Roundels
  • 2005 Quilting Arts Magazine Calendar Contest
  • Thread Painting
  • Painting Faces
  • "Major Minors": Quilts From South Africa
  • It's (Still) Polite to Stare: Variegated Threads for Free-Motion Embroidery
  • >
  • Go For Your Gun (Part II): Using a Heat Gun with Fabric and Stitch
  • Art Quilting 101: Embellishment
  • Artist Profile: Claire Fenton
  • Silk Screen Magic: Thermofax Imaging
  • From Paper Collage to Stumpwork
  • Results of Our "Think Outside the Box" Challenge
  • Home At Last: Quilting Arts Magazine Has a New Address

as well as all the regular departments found in each issue.

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Quilting Arts volume 1 number 12......$10.00 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 11
warning -- exceedingly addictive! The eleventh issue of this delightful tome. Articles include:

  • Demystifying Silk Ribbon Embroidery
  • Making Tiny Art Quilts
  • Go For Your Gun: Using a Heat Gun with Fabric and Stitch
  • It's Polite to Stare: Free-motion Quilting Motifs that Invite a Closer Look
  • Décor-Bond It! Machine Appliqué
  • Artist Profile: Laura Cater-Woods
  • Quilting 101: Surface Design
  • After Images: Creating New Cloth from Old Tin (Fabric Painting
  • Every Fabric Tells a Story: Fabric-Altered Books
  • Homage to Mrs. Shaw
  • Quilting Arts Magazine 2004 Calendar Judges' Choice
  • Move Over, Barbie (continued) -- More Results of Our Art Doll Challenge: Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
  • Quilting Arts Magazine "Alterior" Motives Challenge

as well as all the regular departments found in each issue.

Order your copy now!

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 11......$10.00 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 9
issue #9 after one read you'll be convinced! Articles include:

  • Demystifying Couching
  • Seams Important
  • Thread Painting: Free-motion Garnet Stitch
  • Fabric Bead Frenzy
  • Come On In -- The Water's Fine! Tips for Creating Wearable Art
  • Artists' Gallery: Wearable Art with Our Readers
  • Quilting Arts Magazine Wearable Arts with a Twist Challenge
  • Simply Sublime! Creating Vibrant Cloth for Art-To-Wear Garments
  • Radiant Ribbons: Creating Flowers with Hanah Silk
  • Artist Profile: Leslie Gelber
  • Making It Personal with Color: Low Water Immersion Techniques
  • Picture This! Garment Design
  • The Journal Quilt Project: A Page From My Book Journal Quilts 2002

as well as all the regular departments found in each issue.

Order your copy now!

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 9......$10.00 each

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 7
issue #7 The seventh issue of this exquisite magazine. . Articles include:
  • Demystifying the Cast-On Stitch
  • Thread Painting: Free-motion Zigzag Embroidery
  • Dianne S. Hire & the Renegades
  • Artist Profile: Double Trouble
  • Fabric Stamping
  • A Sandwich for Starters
  • Big, Bold, Beautiful Beads
  • Art Quilts: Encrustations
  • Rocking the Clock
as well as all the regular departments found in every issue.

Get your copy today!

Quilting Arts volume 1 number 7......$9.00 each

Inspirations Bridal
glorious ideas from Oz Romantic projects to embroider for weddings and other very special occasions. 80 full-colour pages plus liftout patterns.

"The breathtaking hand embroidered projects in this book are the perfect way to add a touch of romance and splendour to your wedding celebration or as a precious gift of love. They are destined to become the heirlooms of our daughters and granddaughters." -- Sue Gardner, Editor
Inspirations Bridal......$24.95 each

A~Z of Embroidered Flowers
comprehensive reference 100 glorious blooms brought to life with needle and thread. A fabulous book of designs with easy instructions, full size patterns and more than 120 step-by-step colour photographs.

From the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

132 pages, soft cover, full colour, lie-flat wire binding.
A~Z of Embroidered Flowers......$34.95 each

A~Z of Embroidery Stitches
comprehensive reference A complete manual for the beginner through to the advanced embroiderer. More than 1300 colour photographs of every stitch you will ever need.

From the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

144 pages, soft cover, full colour, lie-flat wire binding.
A~Z of Embroidery Stitches......$34.95 each

comprehensive reference A superb step-by-step guide to creating more than 40 dazzling designs using ribbon. An essential addition to your library.

From the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

132 pages, soft cover, full colour, lie-flat wire binding.

A~Z of Wool Embroidery
comprehensive reference The fourth book in Country Bumpkin\'s highly acclaimed A~Z series which have sold more than a quarter of a million copies worldwide.

The A~Z of Wool Embroidery is a stunning book. It\'s the ultimate resource for anyoen interested in any form of wool embroidery.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, this creative book will give you fresh ideas, new perspectives and renewed confidence.

From the publishers of Inspirations magazine.

128 pages, soft cover, full colour, lie-flat wire binding.
A~Z of Wool Embroidery ......$34.95 each

Stumpwork Embroidery
foreword by Nerylla Taunton Stumpwork is a style of raised and padded embroidery that has its origins in the seventeenth century. It incorporates a charming array of motifs -- exotic flowers and fruits, insects, and animals -- all worked as delicate sculptural forms.

Stumpwork embroidery explains how to work this style in a clear, comprehensive manner, discussing all the traditional techniques ... provides full instructions and step-by-step illustrations, along with fascinating historical tidbits.

By Jane Nicholas.

Hardcover, 192 pages.
Stumpwork Embroidery......$52.95 each

Stumpwork Dragonflies
published 2001 in Australia The elegant form, fragile iridescent wings, mystical beadlike eyes and shimmering colours of the dngonfly have fascinated needleworkers for centuries. Darting through the mythology and folklore of diverse cultures, this ancient and heautiful water insect has aroused imaginations, called for fine observation and inspired meticulous reproduction. Surely, no form of reproduction captures the textures, vivid pigments and dimensionality of the dragonfly so well as stumpwork.

Jane Nicholas takes a close look at the anatomy of dragonflies and damselflies and their representation in natural history. She combines those obssevations with designs from as far back as the sixteenth-century and from throughout the world and then uses a variety of materials and techniques to build works of mesmerising beauty.

Jane shares new ways of using unusual materials to interpret and create your own dragonfly designs. The projects - including a remarkable collection of nine creatures in a 'specimen box' - not only set-off the dragonflies exquisitely, but they exemplify Jane's impeccable eye for detall and composition.

This stunning book - fascinating for anyone interested in textured embroidery is a pure delight to read.

By Jane Nicholas

Hardcover, 96 pages.
Stumpwork Dragonflies......$39.50 each

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