Cloth Doll Patterns by Becky Holloway
(fabric sculpted heads)

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Out Of Hand is proud to present the exquisite cloth dolls of Becky Holloway. .

The clothing on Becky's dolls is exceptionally painstaking, detailed, much of it vintage styled.

Her basic dolls are of muslin, most with some fabric sculpting.

Here are some of her designs which feature heads of sculpted fabric.

Becky Holloway has a background in graphics arts, and is a self-taught doll designer with expertise in costume design. She has been developing and teaching her own designs for six years, mainly in Western Canada.

Difficulty of each pattern is shown as:


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Frost on the Broom
wonderful witch Just in time for All Hallows Eve, Becky has created this oh, so, "pretty witch", using her clay over cloth technique. The costume is true Becky style...lots of beautiful detail and clever use of exquisite fabrics.

My favorite details are the vampy shoes and ghostly white legs!

Notice the box base complete with black cat heads!

Enlarged view here

Frost on the Broom......$16.00 pattern

ode to spring
This mohair bunny looks like he is going to skip off down the garden path! Enjoy Becky's fabric sculpting techniques to get great detail on this fellows' face and toes!

ode to spring ......$16.00 pattern

MMe Goose
 32" Soft Sculpture Mother Goose character depicted in cloth as only Becky can!

MMe Goose......$16.00 pattern

enchanted Faery 18" painted soft sculpture Faery -- an updated version of Periwinkle.

See Twinkle up close.

Twinkle......$16.00 pattern

through the garden gate
season watcher Welcome spring with this whimsical mohair bunny and his veggies fresh from the garden. Have a closer look at the incredible detail.

through the garden gate......$16.00 pattern

fleur amour
treasure keeper A project combining doll art and appliqué. Stitch a frameable faery heart pocket in which to tuck a treasured memento.

fleur amour......$16.00 pattern

Ladybug, Ladybug
tuffet bug This 18 inch soft sculpture Ladybug Faery, a further testament to Becky's genius. Enjoy a closer look at her face, her feet, her hand and her wings.


Ladybug, Ladybug......$16.00 pattern

English maid with outfit This 26 inch English Maid will reward your stitching prowess. A closer look at Pippa's features may be accessed here.


Pippa......$16.00 pattern

Piper and Penelope
Companion clothing for Pippa So pleased will you be with Pippa, you'll want to create her again and again. To do so, we offer this pattern with two additional outfits so you can create pretty maids all in a row.

Note that these are patterns for the outfits only, the pattern for the doll itself is found in Pippa above.

Piper and Penelope......$16.00 pattern

a hare's tale
32 Thirty two inch cotton fleece bunny, dressed to the nines in silks and satins for his own special holiday. Bunny is soft bodied with whimsical needle and thread sculpted features.


a hare's tale......$16.00 pattern

sweet clover and tanglewood wren
faery riding bird Becky has designed another grouping of dolls which will take your breath away. Eighteen inch faery which you can complete in your choice of beginner or intermediate body form. Costumed in velvets and shimmering organzas, Sweet Clover can skim the night skies on her companion Tanglewood Wren, or dance alone amidst the faery dust.


sweet clover and tanglewood wren ......$16.00 pattern

Bye the Sea
dreamy eyed fabric doll Dreamy eyed 24" muslin doll with basic body, hands and facial sculpting detail, dressed in victorian sailor costume. "Bye the Sea" is a great beginner project but with a few new techniques for the advanced doll maker.


Bye the Sea......$16.00 pattern

cat's eye
feline provocateuse For the cat fancier, a 28” playfully provocative painted fabric feline. With intermediate to advanced doll construction techniques such as reverse appliquéd eyes, articulated hands and applied nails, Cat’s Eye will beguile you with her secretive eyes and curvaceous figure.


cat's eye ......$16.00 pattern

On a winter night the Snow Queen, glittering like ice, flies, peering in windows, causing snowflakes to freeze into patterns like stars and flowers. The Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale is dazzling in drifting winter white and swirling, shimmering snowflakes.

snowflake ......$16.00 pattern

Tale Of The Golden Gypsy
32" Gypsy on Moon You will be as spellbound as the bird is when the gypsy miss sings and strums her balalaika.

Click here to see a larger version of our lovely miss and to examine her evocative detail.

Tale Of The Golden Gypsy......$16.00 pattern

Northern Flight
Santa with goose 18" santa & goose. Click here for more detailed view of this incredible piece.


Northern Flight......$16.00 each

Azure Nightingale
36" Arabian Princess 1001 Arabian nights of breathtaking loveliness.

Fabric and gesso have never been quite so heartstopping as when you have completed your own 36" Arabian Princess.

Click here to view an enlarged version of Azure in order to appreciate her exquisite detail.

Azure Nightingale......$16.00 pattern

Heavenly Gifts
corner angel A 16" angel which hangs uniquely in a corner of your room.

Heavenly Gifts......$16.00 pattern

quilting doll 24" quilting doll

Claire......$16.00 pattern

Garden Party
Classy doll Sew this simple 28" muslin doll and découpage greeting cards on her painted body to make her special.

Garden Party......$16.00 pattern

Skaters Waltz
Couple skating Imagine a time before there were indoor rinks. Imagine the cool frosty air as a skating couple takes to the ice for a waltz. Their bodies are warm underneath their elegant clothes, gloves and old-tyme skates. These 14 inch tall skaters are suitable for the more experienced fabric sculpturer, with fine detailed and wired fingers.

Skaters Waltz......$16.00 pattern

Sarah Louise
Wedding couple Looking calm and completely in love, Sarah Louise depicts a beautiful couple about to get married. The 22" couple are made from painted muslin. A charming pair who can be models for any wedded couple. A perfect project for a beginner doll maker.

Sarah Louise......$14.00 pattern

Angel 42" angel

Noël......$16.00 pattern

Christmas at Moose Mountain
Santa and Moose At 42 inches tall, this Santa has a commanding presence. His face is made from tea dyed muslin and hosts a beard patterned with texture medium. His moose pal is made from warm and natural with muslin hooves. This Santa will enchant children and continue their belief in good old St. Nick!

Christmas at Moose Mountain......$16.00 pattern

Noah with animals Noah, dove in hand, is surrounded by an elephant, giraffe and zebra...all of whom are constructed from muslin and then painted. Noah himself is 24", has a body of muslin with dowelling for stability and is dressed in a simple gown. His beard and hair are curly wool.

Noah......$16.00 pattern

Dutch girl with goose You will have images of tulips and all things Dutch with this beautiful doll. Anna is 18 inches tall and clutches her pet goose in her arms. Beginner-level fabric sculpting, with gorgeous details from hat to shoes!

Anna......$16.00 pattern

Briar Rose
Briar Rose Another of Becky’s simpler dolls, Briar Rose features simple sculpting techniques and painted skate boots. The floral detail on her coat and on her handbag are delightful.

Briar Rose......$16.00 pattern

woodland nymph This diminutive woodland creature features Becky’s trademark reverse appliqué eyes and advanced sculpting technique. She is dressed simply in wire-edged ribbon and gauze.

Ivy......$16.00 pattern

Verbena Take Glenda the Good witch, give her a mischievious grin and a voluptuous body and you’ve got Verbena. Riding her broom, 18 inch tall Verbena is a great beginner level sculpting project with set in eyes as an intermediate option. Ingenious details such as jute hair and cheesecloth sleeves are doll making magic.

Verbena......$16.00 pattern

Just a Fairytale
Princess with frog A young maiden dressed in rich robes and beautiful long curly hair sat by a pond with a frog in her hands. She asked herself, "Will I ever meet my Prince Charming?". Just a Fairytale captures the moment with this advanced project. A six-piece, sculpted face and articulated hands will challenge the Becky Holloway fan/experienced doll maker. Dressed like a princess, the doll holds an exquisite frog/prince constructed from paper clay, muslin and paint - warts and all!

Just a Fairytale......$16.00 pattern

Classy rooster Something to cock-a-doodle-do about! This fun character has a beautifully painted body and silk wings, with a wired tail fluffing out of his little suit. You won’t mind waking up to do this project...possibly before the rooster crows?!

Beauregard......$16.00 pattern

Elvira Mistress of the Night

Elvira......$16.00 pattern

Starry Starry Night
Starry Starry Night With an old top hat (made from painted Warm & Natural fabric) carrot nose and two eyes made out of coal (well, Fimo actually), this snowman won’t melt away! This snowman and his little angel friend are "frost covered", with an ingenious painting technique that transforms fabric into an entirely magical new texture. You’ll be glad Canadian winters are so long, so you can display this pair all winter long!

Starry Starry Night......$16.00 pattern

In Christmas Wood
50 inch tall Nutcracker You’ll feel as excited as Clara did when she received the Nutcracker from her Grandfather. With beautiful gold trim details and painted muslin hat and boots, this 50 inch soldier stands tall with sceptre in hand. Patterns Ivy, dressed in Periwinkle’s clothing combine to make the fairy; Candy Milliard’s Bessie is the ballerina and Becky Holloway’s own Marrot pattern is the jester in the Nutcracker’s arms. Clara was so excited she snuck downstairs after everyone was asleep to look at her Nutcracker doll - will you do the same?

In Christmas Wood......$16.00 pattern

3 Nutcrackers These tiny soldiers of Christmas can greet visitors as they march to your home. Their jackets, with metallic trim, can be made in any colour - but why stop at just one?

BeyondChristmasWood......$16.00 pattern

Over the Moon
Over the Moon Hey diddle, diddle! Santa’s taking a new form of transport! Holding a rake in one hand and the reigns in the other, Santa has climbed aboard a cow for a fanciful ride. A fun project for a beginner doll maker, the Santa wears ski boots and gloves to brave the cold! The cow is a beautiful project on its own, made from printed muslin with optional paper mache horns. You’ll be over the moon with pride when you complete this project!

Over the Moon......$16.00 pattern

All Through The House-Nutcracker Stocking
Nutcracker Stocking Santa will take extra time at your hearth, when this trio graces the front. Decorative stocking, the angel, santa and nutcracker will become family heirlooms. Each has its own set of stocking stuffers from meticulous poinsettias and bay leaved christmas tree for the angel, a bay-leafed winged angel for the Santa to a handsome fir tree for the nutcracker. Out of Hand also carries the other patterns to fill your stockings.

All Through The House-Nutcracker Stocking......$16.00 pattern

All Through The House-Angel Stocking
Angel Stocking Difficulty:
All Through The House-Angel Stocking......$16.00 pattern

All Through The House-Santa Stocking
Santa Stocking Difficulty:
All Through The House-Santa Stocking......$16.00 pattern

Periwinkle This elegant faery has started many people’s doll making efforts. A great beginner fabric sculpting project, Periwinkle looks like she is the inspiration for Monet’s garden. Wrapped in silks with beautiful painted wings, she is sure to please.

Periwinkle......$16.00 pattern

Silver Moon
Recumbent Clause Where does the busiest man in the world take a break from making toys? On the moon of course!

Sitting on a lunar crescent made of painted muslin, this Santa is dressed in rich, fur-trimmed robes and an elegant vest. With a big belly and a beard, you can challenge yourself by making his set-in eyes (an easier option is bead eyes), though this Santa is considered a great project for a beginner doll maker.

Every moon has a Santa lining!

Silver Moon......$16.00 pattern

Gone Fishin’
Santa Off Duty This is the fish the fisherman exaggerated about! A 16 inch, off-duty "Santa" reclines on a lazy summer day on the catch of his dreams. His body is suitable for a beginner sculptor with the option of having set in eyes (vs beads) The fish is resplendent in different colours of paint set on a crackled base. A tiny racoon stealing the catch of the day completes this scene - what Santa does while the elves play!

Gone Fishin’......$16.00 pattern

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