Cloth Dolls by Becky Holloway
(clay sculpted heads)

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Out Of Hand is proud to present the exquisite cloth dolls of Becky Holloway.

The clothing on Becky's dolls is exceptionally painstaking, detailed, much of it vintage styled.

Her basic dolls are of muslin, most with some fabric sculpting.

Here are some of Becky's designs which feature heads of sculpted paper clay. Heads can be created by you using the comprehensive instuctions enclosed with the pattern or, subject to availablity, be purchased from Out of Hand.

Becky Holloway has a background in graphics arts, and is a self-taught doll designer with expertise in costume design. She has been developing and teaching her own designs for six years, mainly in Western Canada.

Difficulty of each pattern is shown as:


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overture to a dream - nutcracker prince becky holloway
Companion piece to the “Nutcracker Suite” Sugar Plum Faery, Herr Drosselmeier and the Mouse King. This spectacular doll is a fine example of Becky's exquisite detailing in her costuming.

overture to a dream - nutcracker prince becky holloway......$16.00 pattern

clay head for nutcracker prince
Clay head, sculpted by the master herself! Head is clay over muslin and comes attached to the muslin body for this doll.

clay head for nutcracker prince......$40.00 head

Winter Wonderland
 10" Angel Bon Bon Box

This delightful little angel stands ten inches tall atop a purchased papier mache box. Clay masks are hand made by Becky and are simply stitched to a muslin body.


Winter Wonderland......$27.00 pattern and clay mask

Winter Wonderland
 10" Elf Bon Bon Box

This jolly little elf also stands atop a purchased papier mache box. Dress him for Christmas or any time of year!

Winter Wonderland......$27.00 pattern and clay mask

Clay head for Magi
Clay head attached to muslin body made just for you by Becky!
Clay head for Magi......$45.00 head

star of the orient
First in a series of three opulent twenty four inch Magi. Intriguing, original costuming in beaded silks and velvets are highlighted. Magnificent is the only word for this doll.

star of the orient ......$16.00 pattern

juggling reveller 24” seated romantic reveller Harlequin in his patterned silks and sumptuous velvet. Sculpt his head from paper clay using Becky's comprehensive instructions or purchase a head sculpted by Becky (see below)

Harlequin......$16.00 pattern

Vignette Noël
Shadow box with Father Christmas & rosy cheeked cherub. Like a vintage Christmas card, this 8” X 10”
shadow box featuring Father Christmas and rosy cheeked cherub, creates a nostalgic three dimensional scene, to be personalized with tiny, treasured holiday ornaments.

Vignette Noël......$16.00 pattern

Sculpted Heads for Vignette Noël
Direct from the artist’s studio! Set of both heads hand-sculpted by Becky Holloway herself.
Sculpted Heads for Vignette Noël......$70.00 set of 2

faery dust and dragon fly tales becky holloway
Ten inch spring faery in wispy costume flies the starry night skies with bejeweled dragonfly companion.

faery dust and dragon fly tales becky holloway......$16.00 pattern

black cats and witch’s hats
Halowe'en rattles There is nothing ghoulish about these witches hats! Fashioned after pop up dolls, this cat and witch have paper clay heads (made by Becky herself!).

black cats and witch’s hats ......$66.00 pattern and heads

sleigh bells ring
 Twelve inch jolly elf whisks over Christmas snows in a sleigh drawn by a winter white rabbit. Pattern includes molded elf face mask crafted by Becky. Rabbit is jointed and made of mohair. Instructions and template for cardboard sleigh included.

sleigh bells ring ......$45.00 pattern and sculpted head on cloth body

Song of the Loreleigh
mermaid 18" soft sculpture & paper Mermaid Container

See Loreleigh up close.

Song of the Loreleigh......$16.00 pattern

another winner from Becky!! 8" soft sculpture Basket Topper Doll.

Have a closer look.

Bountiful......$16.00 pattern

seated witch 32" seated witch. Original sculpted head available for those dollmakers who prefer not to do the sculpting.

Unmasked......$16.00 pattern

Doll with clay head This doll captures the childlike excitement and wonder of Christmas. The 18" doll has a clay head (available for $30.00) and a fabric body. Her clothes are a combination of silk, organza, velvet and lace - very victorian....On her feet are beautiful velvet slippers.

Bébé......$14.00 pattern

Sculpted head for Bébé
A hand sculpted paper clay head fashioned by Becky.
Sculpted head for Bébé......$30.00 each

Midsummers Night
24 inch Jester The king and queen of your home may be upstaged by this jester! A clay face which you sculpt according to instructions included in the pattern (or optionally purchase for $45.00), wired dextrous hands and elegant clown shoes will make this a project perfect for any mid-summer’s night.

Midsummers Night......$16.00 pattern

Sculpted head for Midsummers Night
Hand sculpted paper clay head fashioned by Becky
Sculpted head for Midsummers Night......$45.00 each

Just in Jest
16 inch Jester Full of whimsy and spark like his 24" cousin, Midsummer’s Night, Just in Jest at 16" has a clay head and a fabric body. Just in Jest is more suited to the beginner sculptor, with less detailed fabric sculpted hands and a beautiful ribbon-detailed little jumpsuit. Paperclay heads made by the designer are available through Out of Hand. This playful little doll may play a prank on you - he may steal your heart!

Just in Jest......$16.00 pattern

Sculpted head for Just in Jest
A hand sculpted paper clay head fashioned by Becky.

Sculpted head for Just in Jest......$30.00 each

Rusted Pumpkin
Rusted Pumpkin Don’t scare the goblins and ghouls who come to your home! Welcome them with this charming scarecrow and his pumpkin headed pal. Out of Hand stocks all sorts of unique Hallowe’en fabric suitable for the vest and clothes so you can dress them in style. The scarecrow’s hands are a great introduction to wired finger sculpting and the kitty cat at their feet will delight young trick-or-treaters.

Rusted Pumpkin......$16.00 pattern

Sculpted head for Rusted Pumpkin
A hand sculpted paper clay head fashioned by Becky for the scarecrow’s little friend.
Sculpted head for Rusted Pumpkin......$14.00 each

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