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Here are some of the tools and supplies which we have discovered can help make your teddy bear experience much more effortless and more rewarding.

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Clover Ball Point Awl
ball point awl Perfect for punching that hole for the bear's joints. Ball point spreads fibres rather than piercing to ensure that your bear will last generations.
Clover Ball Point Awl......$16.00 each

5/16 Nut Driver
nut driver The perfect tool for tightening our epoxied locknut joints.
5/16 Nut Driver......$6.50 each

Plastic Pellets
2 lb bag of pellets Use these poly pellets to stuff your creation when fiberfill alone will not provide sufficient heft.
Plastic Pellets......$17.99 2 lb bag

DMC Pearl cotton black #5
ball of pearl cotton The perfect thread for perfect noses and mouths
DMC Pearl cotton black #5......$3.50 ball

DMC pearl cotton black #3
The perfect thread for perfect noses and mouths on larger bears.
DMC pearl cotton black #3......$2.75 skein

SN-6 Upholsery Needle
upholstery needle You'll need one of these long fellas to reach through your bear's head for sculpting and attaching eyes
SN-6 Upholsery Needle......$5.00 ea

Mastex Upholstery Thread
upholstery thread spools Unbreakable (nylon) upholstery thread for closing joint openings or attaching eyes. Large economy spool of 450 m.
Mastex Upholstery Thread......$10.50 spool

Hemostats 3 inch
mini hemostats Stainless steel mini (3 inch) size, almost like what the doctor uses, only very nice for turning, stuffing (especially mini bears) or gripping needles.
Hemostats 3 inch......$6.00 each

Hemostats 5 inch
lg  hemstats Stainless steel ones, almost like what the doctor uses, only very nice for turning, stuffing or gripping needles
Hemostats 5 inch......$7.50 each

Eye Floss
eyefloss Waxed floss, like dental floss but much stronger. Your bear's eyes will never loosen once you've snugged them in with this stuff.

A 10 yard spool should get you through many bears.
Eye Floss......$2.50 spool

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