Bear Patterns
and kits
by Pam Holton

Out Of Hand - Your one-stop needle arts source
Pam's bears (and other creatures) are unusually evocative and cuddly.

Difficulty of each pattern is shown as easy, , intermediate or advanced.

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Eau de Teddy
perfume bear A 5 inch teddy with a perfume bottle inside.

Eau de Teddy......$10.50 each pattern

made of 1/8 inch semi-sparce mohair This traditional 4" jointed bear is cute 'n cuddly, and makes a great companion to Chocolate Kiss.


Hugs......$10.50 each pattern

Hugs Kit
Kit includes pattern, mohair, cotter pin joints, eyes, pearl cotton for eyes and mouth and a chocolate kiss charm.
Hugs Kit......$26.50 kit

double jointed head bear This whimsical 7" jointed bear features a double jointed head. Herbie is made of alpaca.


Herbie ......$10.50 each pattern

B.B. Pibbs
our favourite little bear... Our best selling teddy bear, 7 inch BB Pibbs will steal your heart. The bear in the photo is made from honey tipped mohair. This wonderful german tipped mohair comes in many beautiful colours, you will have a hard time stopping at just one. Pibbs is most endearing when stuffed with a combination of polyfil and steel shot.

B.B. Pibbs......$10.50 each pattern

bent-leg bear a 7" bent-leg bear.

Henry......$10.50 pattern

Henry Kit
Includes pattern, mohair, glass eyes, cotter pin joints, pearl cotton for nose, mouth and brows. All you add is thread, stuffing and pride!
Henry Kit......$28.50 Kit

Roary - a 6" Jointed LION
Roary Lion Who could resist this cute little bear companion? Pam has expanded her menagerie to include some new "wild" animals! The photo shows Roary made from 600s (body) and 610s (mane) mohair.

Roary - a 6" Jointed LION......$10.50 each

Roary Kit
Complete (all you add is thread and stuffing) kit including pattern, mohair, joints, ultrasuede, bead eyes, pearl cotton and sisal
Roary Kit......$29.50 kit

diminutive polar bear Blizzard's little brother, this partially jointed (head and forelegs only) 3 inch polar bear will be challenging only when you try to stop cuddling him.

Snowflake......$10.50 pattern

Blizzard 5" Polar Bear
Loveable diminutive Polar Bear You’ll love this latest creation of Pam’s. Teddy Bear Jubilee Public Choice Award Winner.

Blizzard 5" Polar Bear......$10.50 each pattern

Blizzard Kit
Kit includes pattern, fur, scarf, joints, matted glass eyes, steel shot and pearl cotton for nose and claws.
Blizzard Kit......$33.00 kit

Loveable polar bear Yet another classic from Pam Holton

Frosty ......$10.50 pattern

Frosty Kit

In addition to the mohair, joints, eyes and pearl cotton (for nose) thread, this kit contains the fabric for the hat, scarf and mittens.
Frosty Kit......$26.50 kit

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Out of Hand - your teddy bear source. Peanut Butter (8 inches) is made from the new matted vintage mohair to produce a tattered, well loved bear. Jelly (5 inches) is made from a short mohair which has been dyed with grape Koolaid.

Peanut Butter and Jelly......$10.50 each pattern

Peanut Butter Kit
Complete kit (all you add is thread and stuffing) for Peanut Butter including pattern, joints, glass eyes, pearl cotton and mohair.
Peanut Butter Kit......$44.00 kit

Ballerina bear Delicate little 4 inch ballerina bear presents a good challenge to the advanced bearmaker.

Buffy......$10.50 pattern

Freddy and Fudge
Out of Hand -- your teddy bear source. Freddy, a 5" fully jointed bear comes with a hobby horse friend. Both bear and horse are made from 600s mohair.

Freddy and Fudge......$10.50 Each pattern

Freddy and Fudge Kit
Complete kit (all you add is thread and stuffing) includes pattern, mohair, joints, eyes, pearl cotton, dowel and bridle.
Freddy and Fudge Kit......$25.00 kit

Little Babe
ut of Hand - your source for mohair Little Babe is an endearing chubby 7" bear. Babe has the look of a little cub with a rounder fuller face and body. Bear in the photo is made from F50-2-9038 mohair.

Little Babe......$10.50 each pattern

Out of Hand This elegant little 4" bear is bedecked in fur and jewels. Fully jointed, she is a tiny addition to any collection. Teddy in the photo is made from 600s mohair.

Rosie......$10.50 each pattern

Rosie Kit
Complete kit (all you add is thread and stuffing) includes pattern, mohair, joints, bead eyes, and pearl cotton.
Rosie Kit......$22.50 Kit

Out of Hand ships all over the world. Sammi, a 4" panda, has a vintage look about him, made from 600s in vintage white and warm brown mohair. Pam has a unique method for attaching eye patches to these tiny pandas.

Sammi......$10.50 each pattern

Sammi Kit
Complete kit (all you add is thread and stuffing) includes pattern, mohair, joints, bead eyes and pearl cotton.
Sammi Kit......$25.00 each pattern

Sugar and Spice
Out of Hand has bear patterns by your favourite designer This adorable 6" jointed bear comes with her own little kitty. Kit includes fur for both bear and cat. Teddy is made from 420s mohair.

Sugar and Spice......$10.50 each pattern

Sugar and Spice Kit
Complete kit (all you add is thread and stuffing) includes pattern, mohair, joints, bead eyes and pearl cotton.
Sugar and Spice Kit......$25.50 Kit

Uncle Will
Uncle Will...a perfect companion to any bear or doll This tattered looking soul is a wonderful companion to any bear or doll. Will is 6" tall. The bear in the photo has been made from sparse German mohair.

Uncle Will......$10.50 each pattern

Uncle Will Kit
Complete kit (all you add is thread and stuffing) includes pattern, mohair, joints, glass eyes, and pearl cotton.
Uncle Will Kit......$23.50 kit

Jade- huggable panda bear A 15" jointed Panda
Jade......$10.50 pattern

Captain Jack
go ape with this little guy! A 5" jointed Monkey

Captain Jack......$10.50 pattern

cotter pin bear A 4" jointed teddy
Parker......$10.50 pattern

jointed puppy A 4" Dog
Lucky......$10.50 pattern

3 versions of whiskers A 5" Jointed Kitty

Whiskers......$10.50 pattern

Wee Willie & Winkie
mohair buddies A 5" Jointed Bear & 3" Elephant

Wee Willie & Winkie......$10.50 pattern

Bailey - clown bear A 12" jointed clown bear
Bailey......$10.50 pattern

Attic Panda
panda with ribbon A 5" huggable bear.

Attic Panda......$10.50 pattern

5 inch jointed lion A 5" jointed lion.

Courage......$10.50 pattern

A 9 A 9" jointed bear with vest.

Benny......$10.50 pattern

Buster & Boomer
Out of hand -- your needle arts source. A 9 inch old-fashioned bear with his 2 inch tall puppy.

Buster & Boomer......$10.50 pattern

MOHAIR JOINTED ELEPHANT A 5" Jointed Elephant (the republican teddy bear).

Ike......$10.50 pattern

Stella and Spot
bear with puppy 8 inch jointed bear and 5 inch dog.

Stella and Spot......$10.50 pattern

8 inch teddy An 8 inch teddy.

Timmy......$10.50 pattern

long-eared bunny a 5" jointed bunny

Beatrice......$10.50 pattern

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