Bear Patterns
by Jean Paccagnan

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Out of Hand is proud to offer these loveable patterns by Jean Paccagnan.

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Baby Bear
Baby Bear (butter) Probably one of the simplest bears to make, 10" Baby will steal your heart. The beautiful bear in the photo is made from MC12-5283 (butter). This mohair comes in many beautiful pastels as well as strong vibrant colours. The colours that Baby is sitting on are pale pink -494, butter - 5283, and dusty mauve -5086.

Baby Bear ......$8.00 Pattern

Jonas, Joshua and Jacob
Three easy, simple bears from one pattern! This trio of 13" bears are all made from the same pattern. Choose from three different styles of arms or legs to create a unique bear. Jean is famous for her endearing bear faces...this pattern will not disappoint you. From left to right, the bears in the photo are made from cotton string, german synthetic, british mohair.

Jonas, Joshua and Jacob......$8.00 each

Huey, Dewy, and Louie
15 inch fully jointed bear You won't be able to make just one of these adorable bears. Choose a fur with at least a 14" fur pile or more for best results. Pick some fur with some fluff!

Flexible joints and plastic filler beads make this bear a real cuddler and poser with attitude.

Huey, Dewy, and Louie......$8.00 Pattern

Antique Bear
AntiqueTeddy For those of you who like antique bears, this pattern is full of tips and pointers for making your new bears look "old". I like to use this pattern for our embroidered wool bear, it is equally as nice made out of fabric without nap.

Antique Bear......$8.00 each

Ben and Bear Muff
Traditional Bear Ben is a very traditional bear, complete with hump on the back of his neck. The little muff is a great way to use up scraps.

Ben and Bear Muff ......$8.00

Jake and Little Pal Sal
Jake and Little Pal Sal Jake and his 3" friend are constructed with the block sewing method. This is a great technique for sewing little bears. The sample Jake is made from CTS-06.

Jake and Little Pal Sal ......$8.00 each

21 inch traditional bear Have you ever wanted to make a large HUUGABLE teddy bear? Even, non-bear lovers LOVE lhis big 21" fully-jointed traditional pattern. Use long (1"+) fluffy fur for a chubby, rounder bear or a (3/4" or longer) distressed fur for that antique look.

Have fun while you learn tricks for making successful large bears!

Rory......$8.00 Pattern

Miss Molly
15 inch bear plus dress Sweet 15" Molly has a great basic bear shape, a more refined nose, straight legs with fur footpads, and wonderful arms that curve upwards -- this sweetie can play peek-a-boo and is just waiting to hold someone special. Her dress is so easy to make you may want to make two or three!

Dressed or undressed, you will love this charming bear and pattern complete with tips and diagrams for personalizing your bears, getting the stuffing right, for trimming fur, and for making one of a kinds teddy bear faces.

Have fun!

Miss Molly......$8.00 Pattern

Character Bear
Valentina, Bunny Bear and Jingle Bear Classic, quick-sew design for 12" fully jointed bears

Character Bear ......$8.00 Pattern

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