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Teddy Bear Books

We know you'll find these to be perfect, either as a gift for that favourite bear-maker or a reference to add to your library.

Teddy Bear Patterns

Out Of Hand is pleased to offer teddy bear patterns and kits as well as golliwog kits from the most highly regarded designers in Canada and the world. Click on the links to view some of the many products we stock for immediate delivery. Patterns are classified as Beginner (), Intermediate() or Advanced ().

and many others as well as created by Dei.

We also offer a complete line of eyes, threaded joints, cotter pin joints, ultrasuede, and mohair as well as steel shot, glass shot, fiberfill, pearl cotton and notions. Feel free to browse through our catalog of bear supplies and parts.

All the items listed are in stock ready for next-day shipment upon receipt of your order.

How to order

Out Of Hand stocks many, many other supplies not listed here. For any of your bear-making needs, contact us.

For a few pointers which might help to transform your bear-making adventure into an even more uplifting experience, check out our Hints & Tips page.

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